Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Visit to Bull Run Mountain Farm

As promised, here are some photos Kevin took from our visit to Bull Run Mountain Farm. We've been really happy to support this farm, and are enjoying all the wonderful organic vegetables. In addition to locally grown vegetables and herbs, we've gotten some fruits and even some honey! It was a great day to be outside and learning where our food comes from. The photo above is our farmer Leigh giving us a tour of the farm.

This is one of the fields right in front of the farmhouse.

And last but not least, is a peek into some vegetables we'll see later in the season. Pumpkin seedlings in the greenhouse!


Holler said...

Those pumpkin seedlings are very pretty!
Wouldn't be great to see some step by step photos of they they got on!
Bet they will be tasty!

Nirmala said...

Can't wait for future posts. As a mostly vegetarian eater (can't give up sushi) I like your blog's focus.

ateeq said...

This is a nice shot... love the dof.